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I’d like to inform you, that after years (literally!) of re-programming the MHApp is finally back in the AppStore. The app is a complete re-write and presents in a refreshed user interface.

Calculate Your Patients LCRS


IVCT The in vitro contracture test on a muscle biopsy is the gold standard diagnosis for Malignant hyperthermia.
This is the test to phenotype the index patient before we genotype the patient in order to find the family’s causative mutation.
Without the IVCT results no definitive diagnosis is possible.
Refer the following patients for IVCT testing:

    • All suspected cases of MH that give a personal history of an MH-like crisis under general anaesthetics.
    • Patients with a family history of MH or unexpected death under general anaesthetics
    • Patients that triggered an acute MH crisis with a LCRS rank of 3 to 6 and survived
    • Family member of MHS patient where no genetic diagnosis is possible
    • Patient that survived an acute heatstroke episode
    • All patients with Central core disease, multi-mini core disease and King-Denborough.
    • Patients with myopathies like Duchennes dystrophy and certain other myopathies that suffered an MH-like attack.
    • Patients that survived a Neuroleptic Malignant syndrome.
    • We do the IVCT testing at Midstream Mediclinic on Wednesdays. Book online or email