Dantrolene given quickly and adequately save lives

Dantrium® Intravenous 
Lyophilized Powder for Injection*

(dantrolene sodium for injection)

Therapeutic Class: Skeletal Muscle Relaxant

But how much is enough?

What is MHAUS’ answers? See Link

To treat an MH episode, an initial dose of dantrolene at 2.5 mg/kg is recommended, with a suggested upper limit of 10 mg/kg. If a patient of average weight (approximately 70 kg) were to require dantrolene at the upper dosing limit, then at least 700 mg of dantrolene would be needed.

  • DANTRIUM®/REVONTO® – stock a minimum of 36 – 20 mg vials
  • RYANODEX®– stock a minimum of 3 – 250 mg vials

In addition, a review of cases has shown that in a “worse case” scenario of a very large person (i.e., about 100-110 kg or 220 – 250 pounds) having an acute MH incident, as much as 8-10 mg/kg will be needed for treatment; higher doses may be required on rare occasions.