The Malignant Hyperthermia Centre of South Africa was founded primarily to help and support MHS patients and Health Care Providers confronted with known or unexpected MH cases. As MH is the most common cause of death under general anaesthetics in otherwise healthy patients, the MHCSA is about patient safety first. The MHCSA primary focus is to diagnose MHS families and to give information and support to patients, family members, doctors and nurses treating these cases. The MHCSA strives for zero deaths from MH.


  1. To establish, maintain and update the diagnostic service for MH susceptibility for South Africa.
  2. To make the MH diagnostic facility available for the continent of Africa.
  3. To increase awareness and knowledge about MH for patients, their families and the medical community.
  4. To establish a national database.
  5. To promote research as a pharmacogenetic disorder in the unique DNA mapping of the different ethnic groups in South Africa.
  6. To promote immediate availability of the minimum dantrium requirements in all theatre complexes.
  7. To promote and standardize the standard of care of both an unexpected, acute MH attack as well as known Malignant Hyperthermia susceptible patients.
  8. To promote knowledge on anaesthetic machine preparation for MH cases.
  9. To promote referral of all patients and family members in need of diagnostic work-up.
  10. To promote the interest of MH as an orphan disease.


  1. Increase referral for MHS patients to our newly established IVCT laboratory through the project:“Test a muscle, save a family.” This project aims at increasing referrals to our newly established IVCT (in vitro contracture laboratory) as the only diagnostic testing facility for Africa.
  2. Equip theatres with MH crash carts with MH crisis flow charts and machine preparation protocols through the MH trolley project
  3. Production of MH teaching videos for the recognition and management of an acute MH attack.
  4. MH training workshops with mock drills and dantrium mixing stations.
  5. Implementation of the MHCSA recommendation for minimum dantrium stock requirements.
  6. Promotion of Ryanodex availability in South Africa.
  7. Availability of Activated charcoal filters in Africa.
  8. Maintenance of MHCSA database project.
  9. MH-medicAlert project.
  10. “Keep muscles cool” – campaign with a fund raising sport event for MH.
  11. Patient support group on our website with a “Face of MH”- Facebook page.